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    Bovine collagen, evolved from the Greek language, meaning "product of gelatinization", Dr. Brant, the father of the world's collagen asserts said: "The process of aging is the process of collagen loss." Collagen is a water-insoluble fibrous glycoprotein in the connective tissue of vertebrates, which accounts for 25%-35% of the protein in the human body. It is the main structural protein of the skin.

    As early 1970s, the United States took the lead which introduced the injection of bovine collagen can remove wrinkle and repair scars, afterwards they achieved satisfactory results.  Nowadays, nearly 50 kinds of protein powder materials are used in cosmetics international market, and bovine collagen has always occupied the main position in the market.

    Collagen powder is of various types and has its own emphasis. Bovine collagen not only has the basic elements of other types of collagen to supplement the body's required nutrients, activate immunity, repair skin, but also has unique advantages in plastic sports and fitness.

    The raw material of bovine collagen is extracted from high-nutrient cowhide, which can improve joint pain, prevent osteoporosis, strengthen organs and muscles, and is the best choice for fitness people.

    Meanwhile, more and more finished products can also see the appearance of bovine collagen, such as: sports collagen drinks, protein bars, protein capsules, etc., the main raw materials are all derived from bovine collagen powder.


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Produce name Bovine collagen powder
Source Bovine
Appearance White to light yellow powder
SpecificationNot less than 90% protein content
StorageNormal temperature and keep it in clean, dry, ventilated warehouse, sun-proof and moisture-proof.
Shelf life36 months

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