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Pea protein powder    Plant base food is always an popular product. A CAGR in products featuring the plant-based claims such as “plant-based” and “100 percent plant,” has been +60 percent from 2012-2016. Europe is the largest retail market globally for meat substitutes.

    Healthdream Textured Pea Protein a plant based food, is made from 100% natural pea by extrusion to give them flakes structure leading to a “fibrous and elastic” texture after rehydration, is a ideal meat analog substitutes for vegetarian and vegan applications.

    Textured Pea protein is non-gmo, soy free, Gluten-free, no major allergen, enrich protein., is a great alternative to soy and wheat products. Natural glutamic acid content Property offered a taste that makes it particularly well suited for meat-based and culinary applications, cholesterol-free and highly digestible.Could widely used in vegetarian meat / and traditional meat products. In vegetarian mean, which widely used in Backing(Biscuits&cookies),Cereals&snacks(Breakfast cereals/ cereal bars); In traditional meat products, our textured pea protein could extend meat content to provide better texture and emulsion stability, widely used in Hamburger, salami, sausage, bolognese sauce, tacos, vegetarian food, meat analog.

     Textured Pea Protein is a regenerate product, Healthdream could supply diffferent specification, like protein in 65%, 75%, 80%. will have good marketing prospect in the whole world.

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Produce name Pea protein powder
Source Pisum sativum linn
Appearance Yellowish Powder
Specification80%,85% protein content
StorageSealed package in dark, cool and dry places
Shelf life24 months

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