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Aloe Powder     With the increasing application of aloe concentrated juice nowadays, because it requires transportation under low temperature conditions, the shelf life is not long, and the taste is difficult to control according to different customer needs.

    The production of Healthdream Biotechnology Company’s aloe vera powder overcome some of the shortcomings of aloe juice concentrate juice, entering the public's sight, Wuhan Healthdream Biotechnology Co., Ltd. stocks 100:1, 200:1 aloe freeze-dried powder and spray-dried powder, meanwhile we can customize the concentrated ratio.

    In addition to the appearance of color, odor, morphology and other parameters, it is difficult for us to intuitively distinguish the difference between aloe freeze-dried powder and spray-dried powder. In fact, there are essential differences between the two in the production principle, process and product characteristics.

    1.  Aloe freeze-dried powder refers to freeze-drying, sublimation and drying of solid aloe raw materials in a high vacuum environment;

    2. Aloe spray-dried powder refers to spray drying, it first dispersing aloe vera raw liquid into droplets with a nebulizer, and using high temperature hot air mist. This is a process of obtaining aloe vera powder by direct contact with droplets.

    3. Since feeze drying process is completed during the sublimation process, the freeze dried powder has a crystal structure observed under the microscope, and the spray drying powder is mostly in circular pieces due to expansion during the atomization process.

    4. By comparing the two kinds of aloe vera powder of our Wuhan Healthdream Biotechnology Co., Ltd., it can be found that the aloe freeze drying powder has better color and water solubility, while  the uniform flowability and looseness of the spray-dried powder are better.

    5. In the actual production process, the Aloe vera spray-dried powder process is simpler and easier to control the product quality, so its unit price is generally cheaper than the freeze-dried powder.

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Produce name Aloe Vera freeze-dried powder

Aloe vera(Haw.) Berg

Appearance White powder
StorageNMT 5 ℃
Shelf life24 months

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