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Chymosin    Chymosin is an earliest before weaning calf aspartic protease, found in the stomach can be single-mindedly cutting kappa - predominate in milk casein peptide bond between Phe105 - Met106, destroy the casein micelle curdled milk, chymosin curds and protein hydrolysis ability makes it formed in the cheese production structure and special flavor of key enzymes, has been widely used in the production of cheese and yogurt.

    Chymosin comes from four sources:

    1. Animal chymosin, mainly derived from calf chymosin

    2.Plant chymosin, from FIG protease, bromelain, papain, ginger protease.

    3. Microbial fermentation of chymosin, derived from mold and yeast fermentation

    4. Vegetable rennin is about as effective as animal rennin, but vegetable rennin is not used properly in cheese and will taste bitter if it is hydrolyzed too much.

    There are few domestic manufacturers of animal chymosin, wuhan mengtaikang biology can supply calf chymosin. Domestic big factories, mengniu and yili all use animal chymosin.

   Bromelain, papain, FIG proteinase, ginger proteinase all have chymosin, and chymosin is what we call a protease.

    There are some varieties of plant chymosin that have advantages in domestic prices such as papain and bromelain.In addition to China, India, Pakistan and some African countries, these enzymes are also available at a lower price but of ordinary quality.For example, papain is a kind of emulsion extracted from the immature fruits of planted papaya and refined by biological technology. India and Africa are relatively hot and the production environment is relatively poor. The emulsion cut off is not processed and placed outside without standardized sterilization treatment, and the quality control is worrying.Europe does not have the climate to grow papaya, so some of them are proteases made by microbial fermentation, which is expensive.

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