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fish collagen 主图5.jpgFish collagen powder have two source, one is water fish, mainly use tilapia skin and tilapia  scale; another is marine fish, mainly is codfish skin. Wuhan Healthdream fish collagen powder mainly is from codfish skin imported from russia which is abundant with codfish, also named marine fish collagen powder.


Then, how do we produce it?

First Step: Clean raw material

Codfish skin will be wished by purified water which removal impurity, meanwhile, our processing workshop have a special purified water piping to guaranteed all production water are purified water to avoid pollution.

Second Step: Put clean raw material into pot to sterilize 30 min in 100℃. 

Third Step: Enzymolysis in spot with protease for 5 hours.

Fourth Step: Separation and filtrate;

fishtail and fins skin of codfish is harder than body skin, so need enzyme much time.

Fifth Step decoloration 

enter decoloration spot and using food grade activated carbon with Halal certificated to decolor. 

Sixth Step: Separation and filtrate again to eliminate impurity.

SeventhStep: Membrane filtration to control molecular weight;

The technology of wuhan Healthdream could make molecular weight under 1000 Dal, and our membrane pore size could be 0.22um and 0.4um.

Eighth Step:Concentrated and sterilization.

Ninths Step: Enter spray drying tower to spray drying. 

Tenth Step: Inspection;

All the product allow to delivery after test is conform to quality standard. Every batch cargo all have produce record, and have complete traceability, make you don’t worried about quality stability problem.

Finally: Package and Warehouse


Wuhan Healthdream could provide marine fish collagen granule except marine fish collagen powder, which will be better for drinking and stable. Any inquiry, pls feel free to contact us @


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Our company can provide the following specifications of  pea peptides powder:

Produce name 

Fish collagen powder


codfish skin

Appearance marine fish collagen granule , marine fish collagen powder


StorageSealed package in dark, cool and dry places
Shelf life24 mouths

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