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圆主图2.jpg Pearl polished into powder, not only can be used internally to help us protect the skin, it can also help us to delay skin aging, freckle and whitening skin, because it has such effect, so many people will make a pearl powder mask, they use it as regularly maintain the skin care mask for the skin, our company's mask-level pearl powder raw material can meet the idea that everyone can easily make a mask at home.

 Pearl powder contains glycine, which is collagen fiber. Collagen is the main ingredient in our skin, with this water-locking and long-lasting moisturizing effect. If you want to use pearl powder as a mask, we only need to select a certain amount of pearl powder and then mix it with pure water. After mixing the two, we can evenly apply it to the face, and then apply some pearl powder to the face. The mask can be washed off. This method is simple and easy to operate, and the effect of brightening the skin color is obvious. According to the needs of customers in different countries, our company can provide pearl mask powder with different fineness and specifications. At the same time, everyone knows that milk is a good whitening product. If we match pearl powder, the whitening effect will be more obvious. If you want better oil control effect, you can add pearl powder to the seaweed mask, so the mask pearl powder The use can be varied.

Wuhan Healthdream Biotechnology can supply a variety of pearl powders, such as  nano pearl powderSub-nano pearl powder,Water soluble pearl powder,

ultra-fine pearl powder,food grade pearl powderCosmetic grade pearl powder and feed grade pearl powder

Our company can provide the following specifications of   plant protein peptide powder:

Produce name 

Pearl powder

Source Freshwater pearl
Appearance White powder
Specificationnano pearl powder,Sub-nano pearl powder,Water soluble pearl powder,ultra-fine pearl powder,food grade pearl powderCosmetic grade pearl powder and feed grade pearl powder
StorageSealed package in dark, cool and dry places
Shelf life24 months

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