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Pearl-powder.jpgAs we all know, most pearl powders are not easily soluble in water. Water-soluble pearl powder can only be obtained after special processing. The water-soluble pearl powder developed by acid hydrolysis makes the calcium carbonate and mineral salts in the pearls soluble in water. They is easy to absorb and does not hurt the stomach. However, in the process of heating and acid hydrolysis, the protein and organic matter in the pearl will be partly discarded, partly destroyed, and the effective ingredients cannot be preserved. The use of biochemical enzymatic hydrolysis of pearl powder is upgraded on the above-mentioned processing method, aiming to make pearl calcium and minerals soluble, while preserving the full ratio of pearl organic ingredients. The enzymatic biotechnology adopted by our Wuhan healthdream makes the water-soluble pearl powder suitable for a wide range of people and has no side effects. It can be taken orally for people with cold stomach, cold constitution, menstruation, pregnancy, and fever. It is used as a supplement of calcium and trace elements. reliable. At this time, more than 90% of the calcium carbonate form in ordinary pearl powder no longer exists, so the "coldness" of water-soluble pearl powder fades.

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Our company can provide the following specifications of water-soluble pearl powder:

Produce name 

 Water-soluble pearl powder


 Water-soluble pearl powder


White  powder


Fresh water pearl 




Sealed package in dark, cool and dry places

Shelf life

24 mouths

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