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Chitosan oligosa壳聚糖chitosan.jpgccharides are the only positively charged, cationic, basic chloride oligosaccharides in nature, which are directly or branched sugars formed by 220 monosaccharide molecules connected by glycosidic bonds after enzymatic degradation of chitosan.It can be dissolved in water, and its appearance is light yellow deep yellow powder, molecular weight>5000Dal.


The specific application as below:

1. Healthcare field: Chitooligosaccharides can effectively inhibit tumors and diabetes, reduce the "three highs" and anti-oxidation, bacteriostasis and help wound healing and adjust immunity.

2. Agricultural field: As it also known as "hydrogen oligosaccharide", it has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-polluting environment, dual bioregulatory functions of both medicinal and fertilizer effects, it can induce the activation of plant immune system and improve plant anti-virus Ability.

3. Cosmetics field: Chitosan oligosaccharide has excellent moisturizing properties, at the same time it can inhibit bacteria on the skin surface, activate epidermal cells and enhance skin elasticity.

4. Feed additives field: it can effectively promote animal growth, enhance animal immunity, and improve animal gastrointestinal microbial environment.


If you do not know the specific specifications you need to use, please feel free to consult our Wuhan healthdream, we are willing to provide services for you all the time!

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Our company can provide the following specifications of  Chitosan powder:

Produce name 

Chitosan powder


Shrimp/ crab shell


white powder


Chitosan powder,  High density chitosan, High viscosity chitosan, High molecular weight chitosan, Water soluble chitosan, Fertilizer use chitosan, Flocculation agent-chitosan, Preservation chitosan

StorageSealed package in dark, cool and dry places
Shelf life24 mouths

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