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        Hemp protein powder.jpgHemp protein powder can provide food nutrition of any vegetarian source, including essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, cellulose, chlorophyll and a complete, balanced, gluten-free essential amino acid.

Wuhan Healthdream use hulled hemp kernels to be degreased at low temperature; then ultra-pulverized to get high-quality crude hemp protein powder . Finally, after critical extraction, high-purity hemp protein powder are obtained.

Wuhan Healthdream hemp protein powder is composed of 2/3 hemp globulin and 1/3 albumin, which is easy to be absorbed,  and rich in various amino acids. It also contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids in human body, with high arginine content. The land environment is not requried much by hemp growth. It’s naturally resistant to natural disasters, it has very few diseases and insect pests. So pesticides are used much less. We always call it natural green food, so does our Healthdream hemp protein powder! It is pure natural, non-agricultural, residual and drug-free.

Wuhan Healthdream's hemp protein powder is a yellow-white fine powder with a protein content of up to 70%. We also have organic hemp protein powder. Welcome to contact us!

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Our company can provide the following specifications of  hemp protein powder:

Produce name 

Hemp protein powder


Hemp seeds

Appearance Light yellow powder

60%,70, 90%

StorageSealed package in dark, cool and dry places
Shelf life24

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