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     角蛋白 keratin 主图.jpg   Hydrolyzed keratin peptide, which is a product that is rare in China but still very popular with foreign customers. There is no doubt that the reason for this popularity is partly from its wide range of applications. Under the same price of hydrolyzed collagen, it cover area are wider and more cost-effective. The following are specific categories:


     One of the most significant features of keratin is its strong repairing ability. Our Wuhan healthdream's keratin is exported to Europe all year round. The customers' uses are concentrated on facial cleansers, hand creams, lipsticks, etc. Some Asian countries, such as South Korea and Japan, have used keratin hydrolysates as a new type of natural cosmetic raw materials and have been successfully used in the production of cosmetics such as shampoos and skin care. In addition, domestic attempts to transfer the keratin gene into cotton for expression have resulted in genetically modified cotton. This cotton has significantly higher toughness than ordinary cotton and has better quality in cotton products.

2: Food industry

      In addition to the well-known cosmetics industry,the food industry is also important.Keratin is also rich in glutamic acid, aspartic acid and other umami amino acids. Our Wuhan healthdream's keratin raw materials come from duck feathers and chicken feathers. The raw materials are pure and pollution-free, so it can be used to make new food additives and applied to the food processing industry. The protein content is up to 90% and the average molecular weight is about 2000dal.

3. Pharmaceutical

      According to a study by Wellington Hospital, an authoritative hospital in the United Kingdom, some skin diseases are caused by keratinases produced by fungal substances that penetrate into the skin. This feature can be used to develop drugs for treating fungal skin diseases. The compound keratin amino acid solution can be directly injected into the human body to supplement nutrition, replacing part of human plasma. The cystine in keratin has a liver-protective effect, which can effectively prevent fatty liver, cirrhosis, and other liver diseases. It also has significant treatments for treating myositis, hair loss, and toxic conditions.

     Although there are few high-quality domestic suppliers of keratin, the keratin peptides belong to our Wuhan healthdream produced using bio-enzymatic digestion technology,so they not only have good water solubility, but also meet strict heavy metal and microbial testing. Our Wuhan healthdream look forward to hearing from you

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