• Healthdream | Application of Lactobacillus plantarum that you don't know

    Our Wuhan healthdream not only provides customers with professional and detailed probiotic formula services, but also has unique market insights and can assist customers in developing local markets,because we exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions throughout the year. Welcome to inquire!...

    2020/08/06 adminddy 275

  • Healthdream |Saponin and Protodioscin funtion from Tribulus terrestris extract

    Tribulus terrestris extract is a brown -yellow powder, extracted from the mature and dry fruits of Tribulus terrestris which grows in Guanzhong, and the Loess Plateau. When the fruits are ripe in autumn, the plants are harvested, dried, and the fruits are removed to remove impurities....

    2020/08/05 adminddy 281

  • Healthdream | The specific application of chitooligosaccharides

    It is well known that chitosan can only be dissolved in some rare inorganic or organic acids, but not directly in water, which limits its application to a large extent....

    2020/08/05 adminddy 350

  • Healthdream | The growth and change process of probiotics in the human intestine

    the current use of probiotics has become a global trend. Our wuhan healthdream not only exports probiotics raw materials for a long time, but also provides formula and OEM services. Welcome global customers to inquire price...

    2020/08/05 adminddy 338

  • Healthdream | Mung bean protein powder from Wuhan Healthdream

      Since ancient times, mung bean has been known as "food in good taste, long valley aid".Our healthdream mung bean protein powder is made from mung bean pure plant protein, but also rich in a variety of vitamins and trace elements....

    2020/08/05 Wuhan Healthdream Original 262

  • Healthdream | Vitamin C effervescent tablets to prevent COVID-19

    Vitamin C effervescent tablets is a new dosage form in recenlty years, and it has the advantages of portability, convenient use, uniform distribution in water, high bioavailability, etc. It also has the characteristics of solid preparations and liquid preparations. Vitamin C has the function of enhancing the body's immunity, but the body cannot synthesize it and needs to take it from the outside. Vitamin C effervescent tablets are a supplemental source of vitamin C....

    2020/07/22 Wuhan Healthdream Original 280

  • Healthdream | Good water solubility Enzymatic pearl powder From Wuhan Healthdream

    Pearl is rich in hard-to-get nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron, as well as essential trace minerals such as strontium, copper, selenium, silicon, and titanium. It is also a complete protein that provides all eight essential amino acids....

    2020/01/10 Wuhan Healthdream Original 288

  • Healthdream | How does Wuhan Healthdream produce fish collagen powder

      Fish collagen powder have two source, one is water fish, mainly use tilapia skin and tilapia scale; another is marine fish, mainly is codfish skin. Wuhan Healthdream fish collagen powder mainly is from codfish skin imported from russia which is abundant with codfish, also named marine fish collagen powder....

    2020/01/04 Wuhan Healthdream Original 265


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