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Our wuhan healthdream tracks and detects changes in the intestinal flora of 100 probiotic users, these probiotics will grow in the human intestine process:


Competition period 1-4 weeks

Within 1-4 weeks of starting to take probiotics, probiotics will compete with harmful bacteria and neutral bacteria that already exist in the intestines. When harmful bacteria die, they will release a large amount of toxins and other metabolites, inhibiting the growth of probiotics and their effects on the human body.


Dominant period 4-8 weeks

Due to the persistence of taking probiotics, the amount of toxins and other metabolites released by harmful bacteria is greatly reduced during the 4-8 week period. At the same time, foreign probiotics will also help the original beneficial bacteria in the body to grow, so the human body will begin to feel the improvement of the disease at this time.


Consolidation period 8-12 weeks

Probiotics and the original beneficial bacteria in the body work synergistically, the proportion in the intestine is higher and higher.The body's sense of improvement in the disease may also become more and more obvious.


Stable period of more than 12 weeks

When probiotics and beneficial bacteria have sufficient advantages in the body, the positive effects of various probiotics will gradually manifest. For most people, after deactivation, the optimal effect can be maintained for a period of time, about six months to one year.


It can be seen from the above process that the effect of probiotics is cyclical, and the current use of probiotics has become a global trend. Our wuhan healthdream not only exports probiotics raw materials for a long time, but also provides formula and OEM services. Welcome global customers to inquire price

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