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There are two ways to make kojic acid, one is chemical synthesis, the other is fermentation. At present, kojic acid is mostly obtained by fermentation, Compared with chemical synthesis, fermentation process is simple in operation, short in cycle and good in effect.

The fermentation production technology of kojic acid  is starch saccharification, inoculation fermentation and wrought kojic acid. It is characterized in that starch is directly put into the fermentation tank for liquefaction and saccharification, and sugar solution is inoculated after disinfection for fermentation and cultivate of kojic acid. After several times dissolution and decolorization the concentrated crystallization products of kojic acid solution, cooling crystal lizationand purification, we can get the finished product of kojic acid. Kojic acid can inhibit the synthesis of tyrosinase thus inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin,so kojic acid widely used as whitening additive in cosmetics.

 Produced kojic acid by fermentation, Pure naturalcrystallization evenly, low production cost and high acidity.Wuhan Healthream Biological Technology Co.,Ltd provide high specification kojic acid and superior service, any interest, please contact us. 

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Our company can provide the following specifications of kojic acid:

Produce name 

 kojic acid




Colorless prismatic crystals


≥ 99%




Sealed package in dark, cool and dry places

Shelf life

24 mouths

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