Sea Cucumber Freeze-Dried Powder

Sea Cucumber Freeze-Dried Powder



 Product nameSea Cucumber Freeze-Dried Powder
 Appearanceoff-white powder
 Peptide content≥75%
 Total Plate Count≤10000CFU/g
 Mold Bacteria≤40CFU/100g
 Yeast Bacteria≤50CFU/100g



1.The sea cucumber peptide is a marine biological active peptide produced from the precious sea cucumber intestine

 eggs, which has a wide range of applicable population and good nourishing effect. 

2.Sea cucumber peptides are high-protein, multi-nutrient, low-cholesterol and low-fat, easily-absorbable active peptide 

foods, which have both nutritional supplementation and functional regulation.

3.The company uses low-temperature freeze-drying technology and high-speed airflow ultra-fine grinding technology 

to freeze-dry and grind the pure wild sea cucumber, and finally the "freeze-dried sea cucumber powder" is made 

with the composition of the sea cucumber keeping unchanged. Meanwhile, due to the high fineness of the powder, 

it’s more conducive to absorb and utilize the active ingredients of sea cucumber and you can get more efficacy from 

our product.

Nutritional ingredient:

Sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide (SAG), sea cucumber saponin (holothurin), sea cucumber collagen, sea 

cucumber peptide, 18 kinds of amino acids, taurine and a large number of beneficial microelements and common 

elements that human needs, such as Selenium, Zinc, Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Iron and so on. Mainly 

used as the raw materials of "sea cucumber soft capsule", "sea cucumber capsule" and other health products.


Natural wild dried sea cucumber -> election -> water immersion -> removal of sediments and impurities -> stocking 

in clear water-> pure edible sea cucumber -> low temperature freezing -> low temperature freeze-drying - > High-

speed airflow superfine grinding -> Mechanical screening -> Packaging -> Quality testing -> Sterilization -> "freeze-

dried sea cucumber powder."


1 kg/ bag, 25 kg / drum (export drum packaging).

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TAG:   Sea Cucumber Freeze-Dried Powder


Protein content≥50%
Lead≤2.0mg / kg
Inorganic arsenic≤2.0mg / kg
Mercury≤1.0mg / kg
Cadmium≤0.10mg / kg
total plate count≤ 30000cfu / g
Coliform bacteria≤ 90MPN / 100g
Mold & yeast≤ 25 cfu / g
Pathogenic bacteriaN.D.

TAG:   Sea Cucumber Freeze-Dried Powder


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