Bifidobacterium Breve

Bifidobacterium Breve Freeze Drying Powder, isolated from healthy infants feces, and is adaptive to infants and children body, so can be suitable to use in children and infants to adjust the immune system and gut-intestinal.


White to light yellow-colored, free-flowing powder.


• 300 billion CFU/g;

• Overage provided.


It is a gram-positive, catalase-negative, short rod-shaped bacterium.

Finished formats

• Depending on the final product design, dosage, and dosage form, the product can be positioned according to market needs and target group, such as bulk powder blends, bulk finished capsules, chewable tablets, stick packs and other formulations;

• Available upon request.


Select from one of the following:

• Maltodextrin; Inulin; Potato/Wheat/Maize starch;

• FOS; XOS; GOS; Stachyose; Polydextrose;

• Microcrystalline cellulose (processing aid);

• Silicon dioxide (processing aid);

• Magnesium stearate (processing aid);


Recommend storage at refrigeration (4 ) or frozen temperature (-18 ) in original, sealed package until processed.

Shelf Life

Shelf life of finished products is dependent upon excipient, processing and storage conditions.

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