Abalone  Powder

Abalone Powder

Abalone Powder:

    Abalone has high food value and medicinal value, with tender meat, delicious taste, abundant nutrition. It contains

 40% protein, 33.7% liver sugar, 0.9% fat, and a variety of vitamins and trace elements.

Abalone powder’s main technical indicators:

    Abalone contains abalone peptides, abalone polysaccharides, marine proteins, a variety of amino acids, nicotinic 

acid folic acid and a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids terpenes, enzymes, multivitamins, Phenols, organic 

acids and various minerals.


    Abalone powder is used as nutritional supplements or medical nutrition additives.


100% pure abalone powder is gray-brown, with unique taste of abalone, no fusty odor and no impurities.

Moisture ≤5%;

Protein ≥55.0%;

Lead ≤1.0 mg / kg;

Inorganic arsenic ≤2.0 mg / kg;

Mercury ≤1.0 mg / kg;

The total number of colonies ≤ 30000cfu / g;

Mold, yeast ≤ 25 cfu / g;

Coliform bacteria ≤ 90MPN / 100g;

Pathogenic bacteria:N.D.


Pure natural without any other ingredients and chemicals.

Package and storage:

1 kg / bag, 25 kg / barrel. Sealed, avoid light, dry place. It can be stored at room temperature for 

more than 2 years. 

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