Aloe Concentrated Juice

10:1 Aloe Vera Gel Concentrated Juice



Product nameWhole leaf aloe vera juice
ColorMilk white
Total acid0.18~ 0.26%
Concentrate cycles4 times
Pulp content3%~ 8%
Nitrogen amino acidNLT 23mg/200g


Product name: Whole aloe leaf juice 1:1 
Total acid: 0.18~ 0.26%
Concentrate cycles: 4 times
Nitrogen amino acid: NLT 23mg/200g
Color: Milk white
Pulp content: 3%~ 8%
Packing: 25kg/ Tin can
Shelf life: 12 months from production date, keep in room temprature away from     light

Nutritional ingredient:

    Aloe vera fresh leaves were extracted by advanced technology, stabilized, sterilized at room temperature and 

filled aseptically.Contain aloe glucoside, aloe polysaccharide, anthraquinone compounds, organic acids, trace 

elements and other active ingredients.


   Production by vacuum low temperature enrichment process, our company will be fruit and vegetable raw materials 

after washing,peeling, go nuclear, juice, filtering, clarification, homogeneous, degassing, enrichment, sterilization, 

filling, cooling process, form adelicate aroma, concentrated fruit and vegetable juice, 


    It can be used as strengthen immunity,runchang purge, reducing blood fat, blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, 

protecting liver jianwei, beauty spot and other important raw materials of health food.


    Pulp concentration has 33 ° Brix, 66 ° 

    Brix, distinguish juice, mixed juice twokinds, 


1. It can be used in cosmetics, hair care, personal care, pharmaceuticals, beverages, food.

2. Suitable for beverage, dairy, food companies such as candy, cakes, fruit wine, cold as basic material.The company 

adopts domestic advanced equipment production of fruit and vegetable grains, fruits and vegetables stuffing, suitable 

for various jelly, baking enterprise production.

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