Aloe freeze-dried powder

200:1 aloe vera extract gel freeze-dried powder



Product name 200:1 Aloe vera extract gel freeze-dried powder
Latin Name Aloe vera var
Appearance White powder
Part used Leaf
Test Method PHLC
Function Heath Protect



    Aloe gel freeze-dried powder is made of fresh aloe vera leaves, which have been grown for more than two years.Store 

in a cool, dry place.Once recovered, the product will darken over time.Since the product is not treated with antiseptic, 

please add antiseptic after recovery.


    Aloe gel freeze-dried powder has a unique and magical effect in moisturizing dry skin, removing spots and acne,

eliminating wrinkles, restoring skin elasticity, improving human immunity, eliminating free radicals, relieving 

inflammation and pain of damaged skin.


Developed countries such as the United States, Japan and the European Union have widely

used it in cosmetics, sanitary products, OTC drugs, health food and other fields.

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