Aloe vera gel freeze dried powder

100:1 Aloe Vera Gel Freeze Dried Extera Powder



 Product name 100:1 Aloe vera gel freeze dried extera powder
 Latin Name Aloe vera var
 Appearance White powder
 Part used Leaf
 Test Method HPCL
 Function Heath Protect



    100-1: aloe vera gel producing rich in aloe polysaccharides, proteins, organic acids, amino acids,trace elements 

and so on the many kinds of active components, enhance immunity, recuperate intestines and stomach, beauty 

spot,antioxidant, moisturizing, diminishing inflammation, etc.

Product feature:

    Product safety evaluation: natural plant extracts, non-toxic side effects.


1.  Food: food additives;Drinks (energy drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks, dairy drinks, alcoholic drinks, etc.);Canned.

Dairy products, etc.

2.  Health food: health food in the form of tablets, capsules, oral liquid and granules.

3.  Beauty care and daily chemicals: sunscreen;Freckle, acne products;Hand and skin care products;Skin cleanser;Moisturizer;

The shampoo.The conditioner.Bath products;Marcel element;Talcum powder;Shaving agent;Hair remover and so on.

4.  Sanitary products: diaper;A paper towel;Disinfectant;Hand sanitizer, etc.


    It can be widely used in food, cosmetics, health products, medicines,health products in the areas of advanced industrial 


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