Beta-carotene (C40H56)

Beta-carotene (C40H56) β-Carotene/ Beadlet Powder 20%

 Product name β-carotene/ beadlet powder
 Specification 20%
 Appearance Yellow to orange liquid powder
 Source Carrot
 CAS 7235-40-7
 Molecular formula C40H56
 Shelf life  2 years



    Beta-carotene (C40H56) is one of the carotenoids and an orange-soluble fat-soluble compound. It is the most 

common and stable natural pigment in nature. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant and has a detoxifying effect. 


1. Mainly used in food, health products and medicines

2. Edible orange pigment; nutritional fortifier. Mainly used in margarine, noodles, pastries, beverages and health foods.

3. As a nutritional supplement and food coloring agent. China's regulations can be used for all types of food, according

to the needs of production.

4. As a feed vitamin supplement and colorant.

5. Nutritional supplements and pigments


    It is an indispensable nutrient for human health, and has significant functions in anti-cancer, prevention of 

cardiovascular diseases, cataracts and anti-oxidation, and thus prevents various degenerative diseases caused by 

aging and aging

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