L-Threonic Acid Hemical Powder

Calcium L-Threonate



Product name:L-Threonic Acid Hemical/Calcium L-threonate
GradeTop Grade
AppearanceWhite powder
Shelf life:  24 months
Product ingredient:  99% Calcium L-threonate  +1% water
Product  introduction:

Calcium threonate is a powder prepared by reaction, concentration and crystallization of L-ascorbic acid with 

calcium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide.

Product feature:

Calcium L-threonate can significantly improve the taste of food, more suitable for human absorption, rapidly and 

significantly increase the human body's calcium reserves, and achieve the purpose of rapid supplementation of 

human calcium content.

Product application:Medical intermediates or calcium supplements.
Storage condition:The product should be sealed and shielded from light, stored in a dry,cool and Well ventilated place.

1. Nutritional fortifiers, calcium supplement.

2. Used as medicine health care products, food additives.

3. Calcium L-Threonate have suitable molecular weight, have both water soluble and lipid soluble, easy to be 

absorbed by intestine.

4. Calcium L-Threonate solution is neutral, have no irritation to intestines and stomach.When absorption doesn't 

consume stomach acid.


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