High Gel Egg White Powder

High gel egg white powder

 Product name: High gel egg white powder
 Appearance: Milky white loose powder
 Protein: ≥80%
 Moisture: ≤8%
 PH: 6.0-8.5
 Fat: ≤2.0%
 Total plate count: ≤5000cfu/g
 Coliforms: ≤0.3MPN/g
 Salmonella: Negative
 Packing: 20kg/carton, bag
 Storage: Stored in cool and dry place
 Shelf life: 24 months in cool, dry and airtight conditions.





    Egg white protein powder are simply egg whites that have been dehydrated and ground into a powder. Modern 

processors spray tiny droplets of liquid egg whites into a stream of hot air. The air instantly dries the product and the 

result is a fine powder without the need of grinding.


Recommended Usage Method:

       Egg white powder , High gel type: 1 part egg white powder with 7~ 8 parts water. 1kg egg white powder
comes approx from 230 pieces of fresh egg(standard weight 60g)


1.  We declare that the egg white powder we produced are natural color without adding any coloring agent

2.  We declare that we do not use MSG in our production of egg white powder.

3.  We declare that we do not use any preservative in our

production of egg white powder.

4. We are strictly running the Allergen Control Programme in manufacturing flow

High Gel Egg White Powder

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