Instant Pearl Powder

 instant pearl powder



 Product name Instant pearl powder
 Source Freshwater Pearls

 White powder

 Grade Food grade
 Protein NLT 1.2%
 NLT 1.2% NLT 13.0%



Instant Pearl powder is made of unpolluted fresh water pearl by advanced biological technology, converting original
calcium carbonate and protein into reactive calcium and amino acid. Water solubility reaches 100%, so human body
can absorb it and utilize fully and the efficiency is redouble. It is super cosmetic and nutrition additive of health-care
foods in the world. Instant pearl powder contains various reactive nutrition elements and 17 amino acids, including
lots of reactive calcium and microelements magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, strontium, selenium and titanium etc.
Instant Pearl powder can complement calcium and enhance immunity ability through metabolism, playing a role of
adjusting and caring skin, stimulating new cell and continuously renewing surface of skin to make skin smooth, soft,
rosy, elastic, showing natural pretty.

Product Name:

Water-soluble pearl powder (sea water), Instant pearl powder (sea water), Soluble pearl powder (sea water)


Raw materials and sources:

Beihai has been known for it’s "Hepu Pearl" since ancient times at home and abroad.


Production Process:

Medicinal seawater pearl -> Net election ->superfine grinding -> Mechanical screening -> Double enzyme 

hydrolysis -> Low temperature drying -> superfine grinding -> Mechanical screening->Sterilization -> Quality 

testing  Packaging ->"water-soluble pearl powder"


Quality Index:

In line with the enterprise standard Q / ZMD 0004S-2012

white granules or powder, no foreign odor, no foreign impurities

Solubility~ 4%
Moisture ≤5.0%
Protein ≥1.0%
Lead1.0 mg / kg
Arsenic≤ 0.3 mg / kg
Mercury≤0.2 mg / kg
The total plate count≤1000 cfu / g
Coliforms≤ 30 MPN / 100g
Mold count≤25 cfu / g;
Yeast count≤ 25 cfu / g
Pathogenic bacteriaN.D.


Packaging and storage:

In bulk, 25 kg / barrel. Sealed, avoid light, dry place. It can be stored at room temperature for more than 3 years.


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