Hydrolysis Keratin powder

The main source of our keratin is trotters, which are the main proteins that make up the epidermis and fur hair follicles. Keratin is an important member of the intermediate protein (IP) family.e


    The main source of our keratin is trotters, which are the main proteins that make up the epidermis and fur hair 

follicles.Keratin is an important member of the intermediate protein (IP) family.

     Hydrolyzed keratin contains abundant unsaturated fatty acids which occupy about 72.5% of the total fat. The 

unsaturated fatty acids play a very important role to maintain human well-balanced physiological function: Keep 

relative fluidity of membrane to maintain the well-balanced physiological function of cells. Esterifies the cholesterol, 

reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride in blood. It's an essential material to promote infants growth and human 

prostaglandin synthesis. Reduce viscosity of blood, improve micro circulation of blood. Strengthen vitality of cell, 

memory and ideation. Promote the digestive absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. It also has an obvious effect on 

controlling prostatic hyperplasia.



1. Feed and food industry

2. pharmaceutical

3. Fertilizers, pesticides and environmental protection

4. Leather industry

5.cosmetics and other industries


1.   Provide a more comprehensive for plant nutrition, can be used as foliar fertilizer, fertilizer, liquid fertilizer 

concentrate raw material;

2.   Be added in the process of fish meal processing loss 20% of one of the most effective nutritional ingredients, 

or supplement the whole fish processing fish meal nutrition is not full of amino acids, containing animals required 

different amino acids nutrition comprehensive effective ingredients, can supply all kinds of essential amino acids, 

especially for regular feed raw materials and plant feed easily lack of essential amino acids, using the balanced "

wooden barrel effect" principle, plays a role of efficiency of other nutrients.

3.   Contains many kinds of nutritional ingredients in ion state after the microorganism fermentation completely soluble 

in water, aquatic animal absorption use, can replace fish meal feed supplements for aquatic animals, rapid growth, 

special aquatic product instead of fish meal cost saving effect significantly;

4.   After spray drying after the special craft, light weight, volume weight is only half of ordinary feed, especially suitable 

for production of puffing aquatic feed, fish and shrimp, sea water fish mouth;

5.  Hydrolyzed keratin is a rich source of cystine and tyrosine, serine can promote the growth of animal fur, and pigs 

skin ruddy, bright color, yellow chicken can increase the colour brilliance, cockscomb chicken feet color;

6.   Flavoured increase fresh, promote animal appetite, the product a high content of glutamic acid, have adjust the taste, 

the effect of promoting animal appetite, aquatic feed can take the place of betaine increases palatability of feed;

7.  Add in fermented soybean meal, fermentation feed, is advantageous to the balance of microbial nutrition demand, 

promote the growth of microbial breeding, fermentation better and faster more thoroughly;

8.  Have certain ability of adhesion, protection of feed nutrition loss and enhance the effect of granule feedstuff to finalize 

the design

TAG:   Keratin Keratin COA

Keratin coa

TAG:   Keratin Keratin COA


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