L-Citrulline Fermented

Fermented citrulline powder is a natural citrulline powder, and citrulline fermentation is determined based on the citrulline metabolic pathway in the microbial cell. There are two metabolic pathways in the microbial cell. The main difference between the two pathways is that certain The enzymes in the reaction steps are different and the feedback or suppression in each step is different. Generally, the reaction is from glutamic acid (Glu) to produce ornithine (Orn), and then the reaction produces citrulline (Cit) and arginine (Arg ). Therefore, in order to obtain citrulline, it needs to be cut off during the reaction of citrulline to arginine, so Arg- or auxotrophic analog-resistant multiple mutant strains can be used to ferment citrulline



Product name:Fermented L-Citrulline
Cas number:C6H13N3O3
Molecular weight:149.15
Molecular structural:
White crystalline powder
Specification:99% Min
Package:25 kg/drum
Storage:Storage in the original container,protected from light, in a dry,cool place 
Shelf life:24 months


Fermented synthetic L-citrulline powder is widely used in food additives, food health products, 

pharmaceutical intermediates


1.L-Citrulline powder can improve immune system function and maintain the function of joint movement

2.L-Citrulline powder can balance normal blood sugar levels and maintain Jiankang's lung function



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