Marine Fish Peptide

Marine Fish Collagen Peptide

Produce name Fish collagen peptide
Average molecular weight<1000Dal 
SourceScale and skin
DescriptionOff-white powder or granule, fully soluble in water
Particle size

100/80/40 mesh available

ApplicationsMedicines and health products, cosmetic and food, etc.


Product Name: Fish collagen peptide powder
Appearance: White powder

Average molecular weight:



Scale and skin
Description: Off-white powder or granule, fully soluble in water; Small fine beige particles, fast soluble in water.

Particle size:

100/80/40 mesh available

Applications:Medicines and health products, cosmetic and food, etc.


    The small molecule fish collagen peptide, extracted from tilapia scale and skin by world’s advanced biological 

cryogenic enzymatic hydrolysis technology, is widely used in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.The 

collagen in our products is extracted from marine fish. 



1. The main function of fish collagen powder is anti wrinkle, antiaging, firming skin, and replenish nutrition and 

moisture to the skin.  

2. The marine fish collagen powder is more easily absorbed, has higher purity and is more effective. Because marine 

fish lives in the deep sea, it receives less pollutio

3. Lock water storage

4. Anti-wrinkle

5. Smoothes fine lines and eliminates redness

6. Lighten freckles

7. Whitening skin

8. Repair dark circles, bags under the eyes

9. Bodybuilding breast

10. Childbirth, postoperative healing

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