Medicinal Shell Powder

It has been proved through functional tests that it has immune-regulating health care functions



 Product name Medicinal Shell Powder
 AppearanceWhite powder
Source Fresh water Pearls
 Packing25kg/drum or customized
Shelf life24 months
Storage Keep away from sunlight and mositure



1. Pearl shell powder, also known as mother-of-pearl powder, shell powder, oyster shell powder

2. A grade shell/oyster shell is used as raw material (see picture on the left), purely physical grinding,

3. GMP workshop production, extremely fine


1, shell powder can be used as food, medicine, etc., as a supplement to calcium.

2, livestock and poultry feed additives, supplemented with calcium sources.

3, industrial processing, cosmetics or as a desiccant.

4, as a nuclear pollution treatment material.

5, high-grade materials for interior decoration, shell powder ecological coating. It is currently the most widely used 

shell powder, with various functions such as purifying air, adjusting humidity, not absorbing dust, and having a long 

service life. Gold shell shell powder


1. For medicine

a. Make people calm

b. It is good for eye health

c. Can remove toxins from the body and make the skin better

d. Helps relieve insomnia, epilepsy, cataracts and ulcers

2. For health foods and foods

 It has been proved through functional tests that it has immune-regulating health care functions;

3. For cosmetics

 increase skin nutrition, restore skin natural luster, and have a certain degree of whitening, blemish, blackhead

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