Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa Leaf Powder



 Product name Moringa Leaf Powder
 Latin name Moringa oleifera Lam
 Appearance Green powder
 Used part Leaves
 Application Health-care Products
 Function Health Protect


Description :

    Moringa is known as the "Miracle Tree", "Mother's Best Friend" and "Medical Treasure Chest". In Africa, it is 

called the milk of the poor; In India, Moringa has a history of eating for thousands of years and has become one of 

the indispensable foods in daily life.


1. Moringa Leaf Extract powder has the effects of lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood 


2.Anti-tumor, anti-oxidation, laxative, diuretic, deworming, and improving sleep. 

3.Long-term consumption can enhance human immune function, delay aging and prevent disease.

4.Moringa Leaf Extract powder can help improve, prevent diseases, improve sleep, enhance memory, delay aging,

and can also be used to treat diseases such as liver, spleen, and meridians. It also has the effect of treating bad 

breath and sobering.

Nutritional ingredient:

    Moringa Leaf is pure natural green foods that contain all the nutrients needed by the human body.They can replace 

multivitamins, calcium tablets, cod liver oil and so on. Especially for high blood pressure, high blood fat diabetes, gout, 

etc. have a good effect.

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