Nano Pearl Powder

Nano Pearl Powder



 Product name Nano Pearl Powder
 Source SFreshwater Pearls
 Fineness 50-200 Mesh
 Application medicines, health products, cosmetics,
 Taste Mild flavor
 Odor Little fishy smell
 Process Hydrolysis or enzymatic hydrolysis



1.This product is made of 100% pure pearl (Grade A medicinal pearl/see attached drawing on the left side) without 

any other additives.

2.Ultra-low temperature pure physical grinding, nanometer fineness;

• Ultra-low temperature nano crushing process;

• Fineness: ≥150000 Mesh (20-200nm)


1.For medicine

a. Make people calm

b. It is good for eye health

c. Can remove toxins from the body and make the skin better

d. Helps relieve insomnia, epilepsy, cataracts and ulcers

2. For health foods and foods

 It has been proved through functional tests that it has immune-regulating health care functions;

3.For cosmetics

 increase skin nutrition, restore skin natural luster, and have a certain degree of whitening, blemish,



    Pharmaceutical grade pearl powder, can be used for medicines, health products, cosmetics, etc. This product 

can be used for oral administration as well

    External use, wide range of applications, specific visual product requirements and levels to choose from.

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