Natural Vitamin E Oil

Natural vitamin E oil promotes the absorption of VA and fat, improves the nutritional supply of the body, and enhances the biological characteristics of the muscle cells to absorb and utilize nutrients



Product name:Natural Vitamin E Oil
CAS No.:59-02-9
Appearance:Light yellow-brownish red liquid
Assay:1000 ~ 1430 IU
Packing:5kg, 20kg, 100kg,185kg
Storage:Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area
Shelf life:24 months

Natural vitamin E Mixed tocopherol is used in bread or snack products, aquatic products, beverages (dairy products), 

biscuits, seasonings, fried foods, health foods and cosmetics


1.Natural vitamin E oil can effectively delay aging. At the same time, due to its promotion of nucleic acid

 metabolism, it can effectively eliminate oxygen free radicals in the body

2.Natural vitamin E oil has very good effects on menopausal disorders, autonomic dysfunction and high 

cholesterol. It can also prevent anemia and effectively protect life

3.Natural vitamin E oil can prevent and treat muscular atrophy caused by VE deficiency, cardiovascular 

and cerebrovascular diseases, infertility and miscarriage



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