Natural Citrus Fiber Powder 60 Mesh

Citrus Fiber is produced by extraction of dietary fiber from Citrus (Pomelo) that your body can‘t digest or absorb, with excellent gelation ability and capacities of holding water as well as oil.

                                                 Product Description        

Product name:

Natural Citrus Fiber Powder 60 Mesh




Peel of Citrus


Yellowish  powder

Fiber content:

≥60 mesh




Keep container unopened in cool, dry place

Shelf life:

24 months from date of production


Citrus fiber also has functions such as preventing obesity, lowering blood sugar, preventing cardiovascular diseases, improving immunity and so on.

     Citrus Fiber is produced by extraction of dietary fiber from Citrus (Pomelo)  that your body can‘t digest or absorb, with excellent gelation ability and capacities of holding water as well as oil.     

                                                 Product Property         

1. The Perfect Proportion of Soluble Fiber and Insoluble Fiber

   GH Citrus Fiber 

   Soluble Dietary Fiber (SDF)Assay:32-42 %

   •  Insoluble Dietary Fiber (IDF)Assay:42-52 % 

  *  High Assay of SDF, applied for various beverages and jelly, make products not onlymore proportional SDF but also better stabilization and mouthfeel.

 FDA: High Assay of SDF, with low saturated fat and low cholesterol diet combined,can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.

2. Capacity of Water Binding, Oil Holding, Swelling Force 

 Citrus Fiber from Golden Health

•  Water binding:10-20 g/g 

•  Oil holding:2-6 g/g 

•  Swelling force:11-10 ml/g

* Adsorb organic substances such as oils and aroma components to import acorresponding aroma and flavor to foods. 

* Good swelling force, water holding and absorption force are easy to cause satiety. 

* Beneficial regulatory functions in the human intestinal environment, such as preventingintestinal cancer and obesity; regulate blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar.

3. Contain More Functional Components 

Citrus fiber contains vitamin C, Ca, K, other mineralelements, as well as higher concentrations of flavonoidsuch as hesperidin and naringenin,

Citrus fiber is much more valuable and nutritious with activeantioxidants, such as flavonoids, vitamin C, etc. 

                                      Product Applications       


Dairy Products


  Frozen Foods & Meat Products Sauces

Citrus fiber can reduce protein and fat, and improve moisture retention.Fat reduction and pectin replacement. Adjust thickener and viscosity in beverages. Replace pectin and emulsifier; Bring smooth and non-sticky sense.
Swell and improve the pore texture and elasticity of bread with calorie reduction.Stabilization, hydration and viscosity improvement. Naturally sense of fruit flesh and not masking the flavor of fruit juice and fragrance.Ice crystallization reduction, free/thaw stability.
Modify mouthfeel and extend shelf life.For yoghurt, Citrus fiber contributes more solid content, stabilization anddispersity, moisture retention and prevent whey from separating outModify certain flavors from high density sweeteners.Yield improvement, phosphate replacement, purge reduction synergy,moisture retention.
More hydration, improve yield and cost reduction. Contribute fiber and enrich nutrition. Fat and energy reduction; Sustainable stabilization while cooking and improvetexture and elasticity.
Contribute fiber content, enrich nutrition and satisfy nutritious dietary 's needModify mouthfeel, supplement nutrition and health care
Mouthfeel and stabilization improvement in low fat sauce for salad (8%-25% lipid).

Sauces easily stick to the food due to viscosity improvement

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