Passion Fruit Concentrate Juice

Passion Fruit Concentrate Juice



Product name Passion Fruit Concentrate Juice
 Appearance Light yellow concentrated liquid
 Specification 66°Brix
 Total acid 0.75~ 1.18%
 Pulp content 5%~ 15%
 Nitrogen amino acid: NLT 156mg/200g


Product name:

Passion juice Concentrat


66o Brix

Total acid


Concentrate cycles


Nitrogen amino acid:

 NLT 156mg/200g


Light yellow

Pulp content:

5%~ 15%


25kg/ Tin can

Shelf life:

12 months from production date, keep in room temprature away from light


1. Deep cleaning mechanism: microfiber can penetrate into the most subtle parts of the gastrointestinal tract, absorb

 harmful substances in the body through its active genes and completely expel them, improve the composition of int-

estinal flora, and protect the gastrointestinal tract from absorbing harmful substances.Passion fruit can inhibit the

 growth of harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract. The combination of the two has a significant effect on elimi-

nating toxins in the body, strengthening the stomach, improving the body's nutritional absorption function, and has a

 special effect on the elimination of colitis, gastroenteritis and hemorrhoids.
2. Detoxification and beautification mechanism: purifying the body, avoiding the deposition of harmful substances in 

the body, so as to improve the skin and beautify the face;
3. Shaping body mechanism: eating passion fruit can increase the sense of fullness in the stomach, reduce the intake

 of excess calories, and can also absorb organic molecules such as cholesterol and bile, inhibiting the absorption of

 fat in the human body.Therefore, long-term consumption is conducive to improving the absorption structure of human

 nutrition, reducing body fat and shaping a healthy and graceful body.
4, promote metabolism: hyperfiber can promote excretion, relieve constipation symptoms, remove adhesion and re-

tention of stimulating substances in the intestinal tract, avoid stimulating the intestinal tract and reabsorption by the 

body, thereby reducing the incidence of colon cancer, hyperfiber also has anti-tumor activity.The VC in passion fruit

 participates in cholesterol metabolization, can reduce cholesterol, purify blood.In addition, passion fruit is rich in VC,

 carotene, SOD enzyme can remove free radicals in the body, play the role of beauty and anti-aging.

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