Pea protein peptide powder 40/60/80 mesh

Pea Protein peptide

Produce name Pea protein peptide



DescriptionLight yellow powder or granules, fully soluble 

Particle size

100/80/40 mesh availabl

ApplicationsMedicines and health products, beverages and food, etc
Storage methodStore in a cool and dry place



     A small molecule active peptide obtained by using a bio-synthesis enzyme digestion technique using pea and 

pea protein as raw materials. The pea peptide completely retains the amino acid composition of pea, contains 8 

essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by itself, and their proportion is close to the 

recommended mode of FAO/WHO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and World Health



    Help to improve immunity, regulate intestines and stomach, comprehensively replenish amino acids, promote 

postoperative recovery, help body slimming, and promote collagen synthesis


    The FDA considers peas to be the cleanest plant product and he has no transfer fund risk. Pea peptide has a 

good nutritional property and is a promising and safe functional food raw material.





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