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 Pearl Fiber Underwear Raw



 Product name Pearl Fiber Underwear Raw  Materials 
 Source Fresh water Pearls
 Appearance White powder
 Mesh NLT 1000mesh
 Shelf life 24 months
 Storage Keep away from sunlight and mosi



    Pearl fiber is made of nanometer pearl powder which is added into the fiber when spinning viscose fiber by high-

tech means so that nanometer pearl particles are evenly distributed in the fiber body and outside.Specifically, it is 

composed of functional masterbatch of pearl protein and resin slice of fiber level, so that nanometer pearl particles 

are evenly distributed in the fiber body and appearance, each fiber is like a string of pearl necklaces, extremely 

bright and smooth.It is a new type of fiber jointly developed by donghua university and Shanghai new spinning center. 

It is the first high-grade functional fiber at home and abroad

Nutritional ingredient: 

    Pearls are rich in calcium and magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and other trace elements, and 18 kinds of amino acids, 

which is 7 kinds of essential amino acids (namely must intake from the outside world, the human body can't synthesis 

of amino acids), a variety of protein and peptide, growth promoting factor and with some existing the active factor of 

the science and technology have yet to be studied


1.Beauty care effect


3.Soak up moisture and take comfortably

4.Wear well


    Pearl fiber has the special skin care function and ultraviolet resistance function of pearl, and has excellent moisture 

absorption and moisture recovery rate, comfortable hand feeling and taking performance, suitable for making high-grade 

underwear and other close-fitting clothes.Pearl fiber can be applied to bra, shorts, T- shirt, vest, pajamas, sportswear 

and other close-fitting clothing.

 Pearl Fiber Underwear Raw  Materials

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