Pineapple juice Concentrate

Pineapple juice Concentrate

 Product name Pineapple juice Concentrate
 Specification  66°Brix
 Color Light Yellow 
 Pulp content 7%~ 18%
 Total acid 0.82~ 1.06%
 Concentrate cycles 3 times
 Nitrogen amino acid NLT 51 mg/200g
 Shelf life 12 months



    Production by vacuum low temperature enrichment process, our company will be fruit and vegetable raw materials ]

after washing, peeling, go nuclear, juice, filtering, clarification, homogeneous, degassing, enrichment, sterilization, filling

cooling process, form a delicate aroma, concentrated fruit and vegetable juice, pulp concentration has 33 ° Brix, 66 ° 

Brix, distinguish juice, mixed juice two kinds, suitable for beverage, dairy, food companies such as candy, cakes, fruit 

wine, cold as basic material.The company adopts domestic advanced equipment production of fruit and vegetable 

grains, fruits and vegetables stuffing, suitable for various jelly, baking enterprise production.

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