Pure Squid Powder

Pure Squid Powder


Squid, also known as calamari, has high nutritional value, and is a famous and precious seafood. It is like

 cuttlefish, octopus and other mollusc seafood in terms of nutrition function, which are rich in protein, calcium, 

phosphorus, iron, and contain abundant  trace elements such as selenium, iodine, manganese, copper and so on.


Squid is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is very important to bone development and hematopoietic as

 well as anemia prevention. In addition to the rich squid protein and amino acids required for human body, squid is a

 kind of low-calorie food which contains a lot of taurine. It can curb blood cholesterol levels, prevent adult diseases,

 relieve fatigue, restore eyesight and improve liver function. Its containing of peptides, selenium and other trace

 elements have the function of anti-virus and anti-ray. It is considered that squid has the functions of replenishing

 vital essence, nourishing the stomach, restoring qi and moisturizing the skin in Chinese medicine.

Squid meal main indicators:


100% pure Squid powder with Squid’s unique flavor. No mildew and other odor, no impurities.


Instant noodles, condiments, puffed food, meat products, frozen food and so on.


All over 80 mesh.

Technical index:

Moisture ≤ 8%;

Protein ≥55.0%;

Lead ≤2.0 mg / kg;

Inorganic arsenic ≤2.0 mg / kg;

Mercury ≤1.0 mg / kg;

The total plate count ≤ 30000cfu / g;

Mold & yeast ≤ 25 cfu / g;

Coliform bacteria ≤ 90MPN / 100g;

Pathogenic bacteria: N.D.

Storage and validity:

In bulk, 25kg/drum. Sealed. Avoid light. Dry place. It can be stored at room temperature for more

 than 2 years.


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