Herbal Extract Roselle Extract powder

This product is the flower of the broccoli family rose eggplant.

Product NameRoselle extract

English name: Hibiscus Flower Exrtact

Source: This product is the flower of the broccoli family rose eggplant.

Specification: 10% polyphenols

[Mesh]: all through the 80 mesh sieve

Water soluble: 100%

Product appearance: purple powder

Specification: procyanidins 5% -50%; anthocyanins 5% -25%; anthocyanins 5% -25%; extract 4: 1 10: 1 20; 1

Active Ingredients: proanthocyanidins anthocyanins anthocyanins

[Smell]: special smell, rose sour taste.

Loss on drying: ≤ 5%


[Heavy metal]:<10PPM

Pesticide residue:<2PPM

Product efficacy: with lower blood pressure, anti-scurvy and diuretic effect, and bronchitis and cough disease have a mitigation effect.

1. Qudue lipid-lowering: to soften and protect the blood vessels, there is the role of reducing blood lipids and cholesterol in the human body.

2. Huatanzhike: the throat has a good moist and physical regulation, is conducive to local inflammation cure, and can lift the local itching, thus blocking the cough reflex.

3. asthma: reduce the excitement of the respiratory center, so that breathing tends to be quiet and showing the role of antitussive and asthma.

4. Diuretic swelling: to remove the body of toxins and excess water, promote blood and moisture metabolism, diuretic, eliminate edema.

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