Superoxide dismutase(SOD)

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is a metal-containing enzyme widely existing in living organisms. It can specifically remove superoxide anion free radicals. At present, it has become a popular biological enzyme at home and abroad with the function of anti-oxidation, anti-aging and enhancing the immune function of the body.Due to its special function, superoxide dismutase (SOD) is widely used in health care products, cosmetics, beer and beverage enterprises at home and abroad and has a broad market and application prospect.



Product name: 

Superoxide dismutase(SOD)

Quality standard:

Quality standard > 5000u/mg Pro.


Storage at low temperature for more than 2 years without loss of activity.

Specific activity:

The specific activity of standard SOD is above 5000u/mg;


when the specific activity of SOD is 5000u/mg, the liquid is dark blue-green and the solid is light blue-green

Water content:


Molecular weight:

 about 32KD

Miscellaneous bacteria:

 less than 1000 colonies per gram, no pathogenic bacteria;

Packaging and storage:

aluminum and plastic packaging, 50g/ bag, 100g/ bag, 200g/ bag, can be stored for at least 2 years at normal temperature.


Superoxide dismutase is mainly used in healthcare product and cosmetics 


1.Superoxide dismutase has the effect of anti-radiation and anti-inflammatory

2.Superoxide dismutase can anti-ageing and tumor prevention



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