Silk Amino Acids powder

Silk Amino Acids



Product name: Silk Amino Acids powder


 Power with the color from light yellow to claybank
Amino acid content ≥60g/100g
Total Nitrogen ≥12.8%
Weight loss on drying 5.0%
Residue on Ignition ≤3%


Nutritional ingredient:

(1)The content of free L-type amino acid is high, which accounts for more than 70% of the total amount. The total 

content of the free essential amino acid account for 35%.

(2)Silkworm chrysalis protein is a complete protein, so it has a wide range of amino acids, with eight kinds of essential 

amino acids balanced whose proportion is appropriate and in line with the model of the United Nations Food and 

Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization (FAO/WHO). The silkworm chrysalis protein contains rich major 

and minor elements, among which the content of zinc is up to 19.025mg/100g. 


It has good water-solubility and its aqueous solution has good transparency.


(1)  Mixed amino acids, a kind of highly practical nutrient substance with higher nutritive value, is produced through 

biochemistry technology which adopts the raw material of mulberry silk in which alanine, serine and glycine account for 

more than 83%.

(2)  Glycine and Serine of silk essence are raw materials to synthesize protein in organisms, and are also precursors for 

synthesis of glutathione, which has a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases, cancer and aging; Glycine also has an 

antidotal action on the detoxication of aromatic compounds which can cause cancer; alanine promotes the alcohol metabolism, 

protects the liver and prevents people from being drunk; tyrosine has a good effect on preventing senile dementia.

(3)Silk essence can easily impenetrate into the dermis layer of skin, be quickly absorbed by the skin, and takes part in enzyme 

activities, which obtains the actions of humidity, moisturizing, UV radiation, inhibiting melanin production, preventing skin aging 

and nourishing the skin.


1.This product is widely used in nutritional and health-care food (amino acid oral liquid, amino acid buffers, amino 

acid capsules, fruity amino acid drinks and concentrated drinks, energized drinks for special types of work, nutritive wine, 

food for the aged and children and so on); 

2.used in candies, cakes, fortifier foods, various dried gravy noodles and condiments (sauces, soy sauce, vinegar 

and a variety of soups); 

3.It can be also used as the basic raw materials for  medical amino acids and separation and purification of various 

single amino acids.

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