Soybean Protein peptide

Soybean Protein peptide

Produce name Soybean protein peptide 
Average molecular weight<1000Dal
SourceSoybean Protein
DescriptionOff-white powder or granule, fully soluble in water
Particle size100\80\40 mesh
ApplicationsMedicines and health products, beverages and food, etc.



      A small molecular peptide obtained by using soybean protein as raw material, directed bio-enzyme cutting 

technology, and advanced separation technology. Compared with ordinary soybeans, soybean peptide are more 

easily absorbed by the body without increasing the burden on the digestive organs. The protein is more than 90%,

and the 8 amino acids necessary for the human body are complete. soybean peptide has good nutritional properties

and is a promising functional food raw material.

Soybean protein peptide Soybean protein peptide

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