Tribulus terrestris Extract 40% saponins

40% Saponins Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder 40%FormPowderPartfriutPlace of OriginChinaGrademedicineBrand NamehealthdreamProduct nameTribulus terrestris Extract 90% saponinsProduct source/Latin nam

Wuhan Healthdream Bio-Tech., Ltd
40% Saponins Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder 40%
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Product name
Tribulus terrestris Extract 90% saponins
Product source/Latin name
Dry and mature fruit of Tribulus. /Tribulus terrestris L.Sapo
Product appearance
Brown fine powder
Product storage
Store in dry and cool place, avoid sunlight and high temperature.
Shelf life
24 months
Application field
Health care, medicine
Product packaging
1 kg/bag; 25kg cardboard drum, can be packed
Product Specifications
1.Tribulus terrestris Extract 10% Saponins.
2.Tribulus terrestris Extract 40% protodioscin
3.Tribulus terrestris Extract 90% saponins
Wuhan Healthdream Bio-Tech., Ltd
Product introduction:
Wuhan healthdream has selected high-qualityprotodioscin extract from wild tribulus terrestris L  with simple extraction method, create high purity and high quality product.

Product benefits:1. Tribulus terrestris extract can relieve angina pectoris, improve myocardial ischemia, and improve the symptoms of chest tightness, palpitation, shortness of breath and anterior cardiac pain to varying degrees. 2. Diosgenin extracted from Tribulus terrestris can significantly reduce the cholesterol level of experimental hypercholesterolemia and increase the lecithin/cholesterol ratio. 3. Tribulus Terrestris extract has diuretic, strong and anti-aging effects.

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