Vitamin D3 powder

Vitamin D3 powder (Cholecalciferol)



 Product name Vitamin D3 Powder(Cholecalciferol)
 Appearance White free flowing powder
 Content NLT 100,000 IU / g (HPLC method)
 Water Water
 CAS No 67-97-0
 Shelf life Shelf life


Product name

VD3 Powder


9,10-Secocholesta-5,7,10(19)-trien-3beta-ol; Cholecalciferol

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


CAS Registry Number

67-97-0 (8050-67-7;8024-19-9)

Melting point

82-87 ºC


105 º (c=0.8, EtOH 25 ºC)

Water solubility

<0.1 g/L (20 ºC)


White, free-flowing powder


100% through 40 mesh

 90% through 60 mesh

 45% through 100 mesh


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that also acts as a pleiotropic hormone. There are two major forms of nutritional 

vitamin D, vitamin D2and D3. Vitamin D undergoes sequential hydroxylations, and reaches its final active form, 1,

25-dihydroxyvitamin D [1,25(OH)2D]. 1,25(OH)2D interacts with its nuclear receptor to modulate gene expression 

and biological actions. The vitamin D receptor (VDR) is present in a wide variety of cells including enterocytes, 

osteoblasts, and renal tubular cells. Vitamin D is crucial for proper functions of a wide variety of organ systems, and 

its deficiency is highly prevalent in the general population and also among kidney stone formers.


1.  Vitamin D3 has the physiological function to promote intestinal calcium absorption, regulate calcium.

2.  Promoting phosphorus metabolism inducing bone calcium and phosphorus calm,

3.  Helping promote bone growth and prevent rickets.

4.  Improving the body of calcium and phosphorus absorption, getting the plasma levels of calcium and phosphorus 

to saturation.

5. Promote growth and bone calcification, and promote healthy teeth growthIncreasing the absorption of phosphorus 

through the intestinal wall, thereforeIncreasing  reabsorption of phosphorus through renal tubular. Maintain normal 

blood levels of citrate;Prevent the amino acid Loss through the kidneys.

6.  It be used for the treatment of rickets, osteomalacia and babytetany, Large doses for skin tuberculosis, skin and 

mucous membranes such asvarious types of lupus erythematosus;


Widely used in medicine, nutrition fortifier in nutraceutical and food product.

VD3 Powder

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