Vitamin E Acetate

Vitamin E Acetate Powder

Product nameVitamin E Acetate Powd
CAS 58-95-7
AppearancePale yellow or white flowing granule
Assay50% CWS
StorageKept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture
Shelf life24 months


Product Description:

1.Natural Source d-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate Powder.

2.Natural source d-alpha tocopheryl acetate powder, or RRR-d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, is a natural source form of 

Vitamin E obtained from vacuum steam distillation of edible vegetable oil products. It is spray dried with a food grade

 excipient and used in food applications as a water dispersible source of Vitamin E. It can also be used as a source 

of Vitamin E in tableting applications.

3.Natural source d-alpha tocopheryl acetate is different from synthetic Vitamin E. Since synthetic Vitamin E is produced

 by chemical reactions from petrochemicals, it contains additional reaction products (stereoisomers) not normally found 

in nature. For this reason, natural source Vitamin E contains two times the Vitamin E activity of synthetic Vitamin E on

 a weight basis.

4.Natural source d-alpha tocopheryl acetate powder is a white, granular form of Vitamin E with very little odor or flavor. 

It is more stable than non-acetate forms of tocopherols. Storage practices for d-alpha tocopheryl acetate powder should

 include avoiding elevated storage temperatures and exposure to alkaline substances.


1.Vitamin E Powder used as an antioxidant,it can prevent the premature aging of skin and improve the skin's elasticity;

2.Vitamin E Powder is a kind of nutritional intensify additive,can enhance the immunity, disease prevention of the 


3.Increasing breeding or laying rate of the livestocks and poultry, while keep the meat tasty and increase nutritional value;

4.Vitamin E Powder can effectively increase the nucleic acid metabolism, and promote protein synthesis,and increase 

the body functions and sexual function.


 1.Applied in the Cosmetics industry,vitamin E Powder can prevent the premature aging of skin and improve the 

skin's elasticity;

2.Applied in the Medical industry,vitamin E Powder can be used in curing pericoronitis, fatty liver, and arteriosclerosis, 

habitual abortion and barrenness;

3.Applied in the Food industry,vitamin E Powder is mainly used as an antioxidant and a fortifying agent of fatty foods,

and nutritional reinforcing agent of health care product; 

4.Applied in feed additive for livestock, vitamin E Powder is mainly used as an antioxidant it can improve the reproductive 

functions of animals and increase reproductive capacity.

Vitamin E Acetate Powd

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