Water Soluble Pearl Powder

Water Soluble Pearl Powder



 Product name Water soluble pearl powder
 Source Freshwater Pearls
 Appearance White powder
 Protein ≥1.0%
 Moisture ≤5.0%
 Lead  ≤1.0mg / kg
 Arsenic ≤ 0.3mg / kg


Product Introduction:

1. This product is 100% pure pearl (A grade medicinal pearl)+Enzymolysis +Concentration and purification

2. After enzymatic treatment, it is purified and concentrated, and its absorption rate and solubility are 99.9% (

quickly soluble in hot water);

Product Feature:

• Process: Hydrolysis/enzyme hydrolysis/purification;

• Fineness: The approximate range is 50-200 meshes (Mesh);


    Applicable to health foods/foods , mainly through oral administration, to improve the function of the human body, 

effective for yellowing and pigmentation on the female face. In addition, it can also be used for calcium supplementation 

at various ages to enhance bone growth



    The pearl powder can be dissolved in water (quickly soluble in hot water) and is mainly used for health products, 

foods, etc. For fillers, calcium supplements, for cosmetics, please test and verify the efficacy. 


1. Calcium carbonate is widely used medicinally as an inexpensive dietary calcium supplement or gastric antacid.

2. Calcium carbonate is known among IBS sufferers to help reduce diarrhea.

3. Calcium carbonate is used in the production of toothpaste and has seen a resurgence as a food preservative and

color retainer, when used in or with products such as organic apples or food.

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