5.Xylo-oligosaccharide is a functional polysaccharide formed by connecting 2-7 xylose molecules with β-1, 4 glucosidic bond, and is a super prebiotic.


1. Product Name: Xylo-oligosaccharide 

2. Short name: XOS

3. Specification: 95P70P35P20P95L70L

4. EINECS:1592732-453-0

5. Xylo-oligosaccharide is a functional polysaccharide formed by connecting 2-7 xylose molecules with β-1, 4 

glucosidic bond, and is a super prebiotic.


Product characterizes:

1. Soft sweetness with 40% sweetness compared to cane sugar; white and light yellow powder; no visible 

impurities and with the unique odor of this product, no abnormal smell;

2. High-selection to proliferate bifidobacteria by 10-20 times higher than the other prebiotics, hardly be

 digested but reach the host intestine directly to be used by bifidobacteria with priority status;

3. Hardly be discomposed by human digestion enzymes system, not only without effects on blood sugar,

 but without effects on insulin, also no fat sedimentation. Specially good for diabetes, obesity, hypertension

 etc people;

4. Good stability of low Ph and high temperature, from Ph 2.5-8 and 80-120℃ XOS is hardly be discomposed,

 which can cover all the food applications;

5. Low effective dosage with 0.7-1.4g per day;


Product Functions:

1.    Proliferate beneficial bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria, and ease constipation and diarrhea.

2.    Decrease the toxic fermentation products and toxic bacteria enzymes.

3.    Improve the absorption of calcium and iron, also improve the maintainability.

4.    Decrease the serum cholesterol, and blood pressure;

5.    Protect liver

6.    Improve immunity

7.    Prevent dental caries

8.    Promote to have more nutriments, like B-series vitamins;

Product Package: 25kg / bag, 1kg / bag, 25kg / drum and other specifications packaging, but also according to user needs packaging.

Product storage: Should be stored in a dry, ventilated environment, moisture, sunscreen. Use Note: This product is easy to absorb moisture and should be sealed


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