Sea cucumber powder(FD)

Sea cucumber freeze-dried powder

[Features]The company uses low-temperature freeze-drying technology and high-speed airflow ultra-fine grinding

 technology to freeze-dry and grind the pure wild sea cucumber, and finally the "freeze-dried sea cucumber powder" is

 made with the composition of the sea cucumber keeping unchanged. Meanwhile, due to the high fineness of the 

powder, it’s more conducive to absorb and utilize the active ingredients of sea cucumber and you can get more efficacy

 from our product.

[Product Name]Freeze-dried Sea Cucumber Powder.

[Quality Index]

Meets Q / ZMD 0001S-2012


[Form]This product is gray-brown delicate powder, which over 80 mesh sieve (80 ~ 200 mesh according to customer

 requirements), with the unique smell of sea cucumber. It has no fusty odor and no impurities and foreign bodies.

Moisture ≤8%;

Protein content ≥50%;

Lead ≤2.0mg / kg;

Inorganic arsenic ≤2.0mg / kg;

Mercury ≤1.0mg / kg;

Cadmium ≤0.10mg / kg;

total plate count ≤ 30000cfu / g;

Coliform bacteria ≤ 90MPN / 100g;

Mold & yeast ≤ 25 cfu / g;

Pathogenic bacteria: N.D.

---- We assure that the product absolutely does not contain any essences, pigments and additives.


[Ingredients and uses]Sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide (SAG), sea cucumber saponin (holothurin), sea cucumber

 collagen, sea cucumber peptide, 18 kinds of amino acids, taurine and a large number of beneficial microelements and

 common elements that human needs, such as Selenium, Zinc, Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Iron and so on.

---- Mainly used as the raw materials of "sea cucumber soft capsule", "sea cucumber capsule" and other health products.

[Package and Storage]1 kg/ bag, 25 kg / drum (export drum packaging). Sealed, avoid light, dry place. It can be stored

 at room temperature for more than 2 years.


[Origin]Beihai is the largest central city, which located in the North Gulf of the vast South China Sea. Since ancient times

, Beihai has prosperous marine fishing industry and is the most important fishery and aquatic supply city in southern

 China. Beihai’s seafood is dominated by long range fishing, mainly from the distant seas and the deep seas. Because of

 the underdeveloped economy in North Gulf area, the sea water is very clean, so seafood is rarely polluted by industries, 

and the contents of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and mercury are very low. Beihai's seafood has always been

 famous for its delicious and inexpensive food, attracting tens of millions of gourmet and tourists across the country and

 around the world every year.



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