Sea Cucumber Powder

Enzymatic Sea Cucumber Powder

[Features]The company uses biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology to hydrolyze pure wild sea cucumber into

 water-soluble active ingredients. After low temperature drying and ultrafine grinding, the "enzyme Solution sea

 cucumber powder "(or enzymatic hydrolysis of sea cucumber powder) is finished. Finished products are more

 conducive to be absorbed and utilized and you can get more efficacy from our products.

[Product Name]Hydrolyzed sea cucumber powder, sea cucumber peptide powder, water-soluble sea cucumber

 powder, hydrolyzed sea cucumber powder (Enzymatic Sea Cucumber Powder).

[Source of raw materials]The natural Weizhou wild sea cucumber mainly from the the deep sea of North Gulf in Beihai,

 is characterized by its higher "sea cucumber saponin" (sea cucumber prime) than the artificial breeding sea

 cucumber’s as well as its better proteinquality.



Natural wild dried sea cucumber -> election -> water immersion -> removal of sediments and impurities -> stocking in

 clear water-> pure edible sea cucumber -> Double enzymatic hydrolysis -> low temperature drying ->superfine 

grinding ->Mechanical screening -> Quality testing -> Packaging -> Sterilization -> "Enzymatic Sea Cucumber Powder"

[Quality Index]

Meets Q / ZMD 0001S-2012

[Form]This product is the taupe fine powder with fineness of 500-1000 mesh and the powder all over 200 mesh sieve; it has the unique smel

 of sea cucumber with no fusty odor, no foreign flavour, and no impurities. It is soluble and completely dissolved in hot water.

Moisture ≤8%;

Protein content ≥50%;

Lead ≤2.0mg / kg;

Inorganic arsenic ≤2.0mg / kg;

Mercury ≤1.0mg / kg;

Cadmium ≤0.10mg / kg;

Total plate count ≤ 30000cfu / g;

Coliform bacteria ≤ 90MPN / 100g;

Mold and Yeast≤ 25cfu / g;

Pathogenic bacteria: N.D.

---- We assure that the product absolutely does not contain any essences, pigments and additives.


[Ingredients and uses]Sea cucumber mucopolysaccharide (SAG), sea cucumber saponin (holothurin), sea cucumber

 collagen, Sea cucumber peptide, 18 kinds of amino acids, taurine and a large number of beneficial microelements

 and common elements that human needs, such as Selenium, Zinc, Calcium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Iron and so on.

---- Mainly used as the raw materials of "sea cucumber soft capsule", "sea cucumber capsule" and other health products.


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