Barley Beverage Drink Powder

Barley Beverage Drink Powder

Product NameBarley Beverage Drink Powder
Function  Detoxifying, losing weight, anti-cancer    
Color   green    
Ingredients   Barley Grass Powder, inulin    
Packaging 3g/bag
Place of Origin  China  
Applicable people  general population    


Directions : 

    Drinking after mixing it with 8-12 times warm water .The dosage of water is based on the weight of the powder 

you put. The water had better not more than 45 ℃)


Barley beverage drink powder is a highly alkaline food, barley contains large amounts of mineral alkaline particles,

 can balance the body ph. Using high-quality barley leaves, carefully control the seed soil, paying attention to good

 growth environment, high quality extraction, and strict testing of the content of ingredients.

 Barley powder is pure natural food, without any harmful side effects, can strengthen the normal cell's immune ability, 

thus inhibiting the production of cancer cells. Barley powder can balance the body pH (PH), making weight loss 

smoother and easier. Proteinase enzymes contained in barley flour powder can effectively break down the hazards 

of various insecticides, rendering them non-toxic and helping the absorption of proteins in the stomach and intestines

. Barley seed powder also contains a variety of vitamins, including vitamins A, B (including B12 and folic acid), vitamin

 C, E, as well as a large number of minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus and so on.



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