Peptide Beverage Drink Powder

  Peptide Beverage Drink Powder

Product Name  Peptide Beverage Drink Powder 
Function Alleviating physical fatigue    
Place of OriginChina    
Packaging 5g/bag 
Applicable people  Fatigue crowd. 


Ingredients :   Pea peptide,Mung bean peptide,Soy peptide,Wheat oligopeptides,Corn oligopeptides,Oligofructose,


 Directions :   Drinking after mixing it with 8-12 times warm water 

 The dosage of water is based on the weight of the drink powder you put

Soy peptide is small peptide that is easy to absorb. The content of peptides in the drink powder is more than 40%, 

and the protein content is high. It can help enhance immunity. Selecting a combination of small peptides from various

 plants makes the product unique.

Peptides can not only provide nutrients needed for human growth and development, but also prevent and treat thrombosis,

 hyperlipidemia, hypertension, delay aging, fight fatigue, improve immunity, and promote the body's protein, vitamins, 

amino acids, calcium, iron, zinc, Selenium, magnesium, copper and other beneficial trace elements on the human body

 to absorb.  Soy peptide has a smaller molecular weight and is more easily absorbed.

On the other hand, it tastes as beverage drink, you can drink it everyday.The drink powder is convenient to carry, even if  

you go outside,you still can take the drink powder.



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