Liver Care Tablet for Pet Health

Liver Care Tablet for Pet Health

Product Name   Liver Care Tablet for Pet Health  
Function protect pet’s liver   
TypeAnimal Tablet OEM    
Ingredients Lysine,Threonine,Methionine,Vitamin B Series
Place of Origin   China   
Users pet dogs and cats    


Methionnie plays the role of detoxification by methylating toxic substances or drugs, therefore it can protect pet’s liver

 and prevent chronic or acute hepatitis , cirrhosis and other liver disease.“Liver Care Tablet for Pet Health, Animal 

Tablet OEM”  is specially designed to protect pet’s liver, strengthen liver detox function, support the normal work of 

liver, remove free radicals inside the body, reduce toxic damage and enhance immunity for pets.

“Liver Care Tablet for Pet Health, Animal Tablet OEM” can promote the pet health,and we provide the service of  

animal tablet oem.


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